Green Tara ǀ Feminine Compassion

According to sacred texts there exists 21 Taras, each with particular attributes, differentiated by their colour. Tara is the consort of the Buddha Amoghasiddhi who represents action. The Green Tara is said to be always eager to help those that pray her and will come to their assistance “with the rapidity of the wind.”

She is associated with the historical figure of Princess Bhrikuti Devi, the Nepali princess that married the Tibetan King Songsten Gampo in the 7th century and brought with her the wealth and knowledge of Nepalese arts and crafts that was growing in stature in the region at the time.

She holds a lotus and it symbolizes that all qualities of Nirvana that are present in her. This attribute is often found on deities that represent compassion, a quality that is essential in Buddhist philosophy.

This is the mantra of the Green Tara is

– Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha –

Green Tara