Artists and techniques

Thangka art

Nepal has been a hub of Asian art and culture for centuries. The rich artistic tradition in Nepal goes back beyond recorded history and strongly influenced Asian Art.

Thangka paintings offer a simple visual insight into Buddhist philosophy and thinking. Depicting spiritual concepts and filled with myths and traditions that go back two millennia, they were once used by wandering monks as visual aid to spread the dharma or “teaching of the Buddha”. Although the materials used have changed over time, the methods have remained almost intact, passed down from generation to generation.

Thangka art today

Recent socio-political and economic events and the devastating earthquakes have crippled the country and created a decline in opportunities for artist to make a living from their art. Many artists are now out of work, many have already left Nepal, opting to give up art and work abroad.

This exhibition is an opportunity to help Nepal prolong this tradition, and more importantly, to provide hope for current and future generations of artists.