The Bourg district

The town was founded in 1157 by Berchtold IV von Zähringen. Its name is derived from German frei (free) and Burg (fort). Its most ancient part (The Bourg district) is conveniently located on a former peninsula of the river Sarine, protected on three sides by steep cliffs. (Source : Wikipédia). 

Many of the Bourg’ buildings and monuments are listed on the Swiss Inventory of Cultural Property of National and Regional Significance. Within this list, the Maison d’Ammann (Grand-Rue 59), as well as other beautiful houses of the same street (street numbers 10, 14, 55, 56 and 67), are included.

The Bourg district is rich with churches, museums, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants, all within 500 meters from the Maison d’Ammann!